Our helpful hints

Vanilla health benefits and uses:

  • Vanilla is chiefly made up of simple & complex sugars, essential oils, vitamins & minerals. Small traces of calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, and zinc.
  • Breathe in the scent of vanilla before eating. Study subjects shed about 3 times the weight without feeling deprived! Vanilla increases seratonin, which is an appetite suppressant!
  • Vanilla isn’t just for the kitchen! Use it to refresh potpourri!
  • Remove odors from the microwave, fridge, and camping coolers!
  • Add some vanilla to paint to minimize the smell!
  • Keep insects away! Mix 1 tsp of vanilla to 1 cup of water and spray on your skin. Bugs hate the smell!
  • Immitation vanilla has a chemical taste not appropriate for high quality baking!
  • Chocolate is especially enhanced by a high quality, pure vanilla extract!

Pure Vanilla Extract:

  • Our bodies metabolize glycerin more slowly than sugar or alcohol, preventing a sugar spike.
  • Pure vanilla extract will continue to age & develop for about 2 years and stabilize indefinitely. Pure vanilla extract has a very long expiration date. Once the bottle is opened, store in a cool, dark place that’s away from the stove or sun.

Vanilla Sugar and Spiced Vanilla Sugar:

  • Rim the glass of your favorite cocktail! It’s not only a great visual, but a sweet little addition to your drinks!
  • Roll your cookie dough in the Spiced Vanilla Sugar for the best Snickerdoodles ever!
  • Sprinkle both sugars on toast, apple pie, pancakes, french toast, coffees, smoothies, pound cake, strawberries! Yum!!
  • Sugar can last indefinitely if stored properly, but best used within 3 years!

Madagascar Vanilla Beans:

  • Vanilla Beans have a long shelf life! If you have stored your beans long enough that they have gone dry and hard, do not throw them out! They are still perfectly good and useable! Simply place in a shallow dish, pour warm water over them, covering by about 2 inches, cover with saran wrap, wait 10 minutes. If they are not plump enough, leave them as long as needed!
  • If the beans show crystalized, white spots, this is not mold, but the vanillin. When they dry from the inside out, these crystals can show up on the the beans. Don’t throw these away!

Vanilla Powder:

  • Vanilla Powder is perfect for recipes that don’t need extra liquid that may throw off a carefully balanced ratio!
  • Vanilla Powder is great under extreme heat in the oven. It doesn’t bake out!
  • Powder is more potent than extract, allowing it to be added to warm foods without evaporating!
  • Vanilla Powder never spoils!!!
  • It is not affected by prolonged cooking times!
  • Use in white icings to prevent color tinting!
  • Sprinkle powder on waffles, oatmeal, fruit & other foods to quickly add a rich vanilla flavor!

Vanilla Salt:

  • Baking Barn uses Himalayan Pink Rock Salt in our Vanilla Salt!
  • Vanilla Salt is a great addition to many foods! It is amazing on avacado toast!
  • Vanilla Salt is also great on tomatoes, salad, sweet/savory dishes like glazed salmon!
  • Sprinkle on chocolate brownies!
  • Rim your glass for Ceasers, Margaritas, and Bloody Marys!
  • Put Vanilla Salt in any recipe that calls for regular salt to add an extra boost of flavor!


Vanilla Bean White Hot Chocolate Mix:

    • Our Vanilla Bean White Hot Chocolate Mix is a delight to your taste buds!
    • This is best mixed with milk or a milk substitute for a real creamy taste!
    • Go ahead and flavor any warm drink with a spoonful!
    • Make sure to swirl your cup, as you will see many vanilla seeds in here!!