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Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract

Made with glycerin to give it a sweet, aromatic, yummy vanilla flavour! We use only the highest quality Madagascar vanilla beans. Try it in: cookies, cake, pie, soft drinks, pancakes, hot coco, smoothies, punch, or even your favourite cocktail!

Suggested Retail Prices:

59 ml pure vanilla extract $13.99

147 ml pure vanilla extract $25.99

Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar is used the same as white sugar in baking & cooking, and it's also used as a finishing sugar- powdered and dusted over pastries, fresh fruit, and other desserts. Roll your cookies in it, or rim your glass with it!
Suggested retail prices:
106 g vanilla sugar $9.99
212 g vanilla sugar $15.99

Spiced Vanilla Sugar

Our Spiced Vanilla sugar is made with vanilla beans, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, & all spice. Sprinkle it over a warm pie, french toast, or waffles! Perfect for snickerdoodle cookies or mixed into coffees.
Suggested retail prices:
106 g spiced vanilla sugar $10.99
212 g spiced vanilla sugar $16.99

Madagascar Vanilla Beans

All of our products start with these beautiful organic vanilla beans, straight from Madagascar! Now available for you to purchase and enjoy.
Suggested retail price:
2 x Madagascar vanilla beans $14.99

Madagascar Vanilla Powder

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Introducing our Vanilla Powder! It is the same vanilla flavour you love, made from gourmet Madagascar vanilla beans. Use it in recipes for a robust vanilla flavour! It's great mixed into buttercreams as it does not throw off the emulsion. Add it to sea salt and sprinkle it over freshly baked cookies. You can even add it into homemade ice cream for a vanilla bean flavour you can see! Available in YQL at the Purple Carrot!!
Suggested retail price:
53 g pure vanilla powder $49.99